vSphere 6.5 – Encrypted vMotion

vSphere 6.5 – Encrypted vMotion

Another  good news is that You can encrypt the vMotion of any VM, encrypted or not – encrypted VM’s will always use encrypted vMotion :


Disabled – do not use encrypted vMotion

Opportunistic – use encrypted vMotion if source and destination hosts support it.

Required -Allow only encrypted vMotion.

Note !!!  Mixed cluster and you have a requirement of encrypted vMotion, then setting to “Required” will not let you vMotion to a host that doesn’t support it. (only vSphee ESXi 6.5 )

VMware add new vmkcypto framework subsystem to vmkernel. It is used by Virtual Mchine Encryption and vMotion for cryptographic operations :



Now let’s look at new vMotion process:

  1. As part of that, a 256bit random key and 64-bit Nonce is generated. The Nonce used to generate a unique counter for every packet sent over the network. This prevents replay
  2. The key and the Nonce are packaged into a vMotion Migration Specification is created for the vMotion. This spec is sent to both systems in a the cluster.
  3. The vMotion traffic begins with every packet being encrypted on Host A and the counter incrementing.
  4. The packets are decrypted on the receiving host and the vMotion completes
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