vSphere 6.5 Security Enhancements  

vSphere 6.5 Security Enhancements  


In this article I will try to point most important security enhancements in recently released vSphere 6.5 platform.  As we can hear from “pre GA” sneak peek information VMware will build security in 3 areas:

  • Secure access – logs monitoring and audit
  • Secure infrastructure – hypervisor with minimal footprint = minimal attack surface and cryptographic option to provide SecureBoot
  • Secure data – hypervisor-level encryption for VM data

Let’s go deeper  into the  technology – below is a list of implemented security features / technology in vSphere 6.5 that we will discuss in details:

  • Enhanced Logging
  • VM Encryption
  • Backup and Restore encrypted VMs
  • Encrypted vMotion
  • Secure Boot – ESXi and VMs


I’ll provide links to the features above in the near feature. Please, stay tuned 🙂


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