Tanzu Tech Zone – the one and only place you need to learn everything about Tanzu!

Tanzu Tech Zone – the one and only place you need to learn everything about Tanzu!

We are learning everyday in tech industry but learning new things could be much easier, faster and funnier if you have a decent support and access to the mysterious knowledge.

When it comes to Tanzu you don’t need to search through the internet anymore!

Everything you might need to explore and master Tanzu products such as:

  • Tanzu Application Platform
  • Tanzu Kubernetes Operations
  • Tanzu Application Service
  • Tanzu Kubernetes Grid
  • Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated
  • Tanzu Mission Control
  • Tanzu on VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Azure Spring apps

Everything and more in single place just one-click away! In the recently launched completely new Tanzu Tech Zone where you can find various content including Tanzu Activity Path which would save me huge amount of time in the past. It’s a pity I didn’t know about Tech Zone before..

Tanzu Activity Paths are focused on specific Tanzu solutions and include entire education paths for specific area / product. You will find them directly on the main page.

In each Tanzu Activity path you will find related articles, videos, demos, toturials, Hands-on Labs and links to presentations and blogs written and prepared by VMware as well as Tanzu Community.

Additional content you will find on Tanzu Tech Zone page includes:

  • A whole bunch of Tanzu Courses available for FREE (direct link is here)
  • Tanzu Demos
  • Tanzu related VMware Explore US & Europe content
  • KubeCon 2022 Recording
  • and much more!

In my personal opinion number one goes to Activity Paths! – seems to be interesting weekend ahead of me 🙂

To access Tanzu Tech Zone click here.


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