Hello World!

Hello World!

Hello World or Virtual World is more appropriate..


We are very glad to welcome you in our Virtual Village.
As you realised that’s our first post on this blog, however we are going to write one or two posts per week about new technologies, mostly connected with VMware software which we are fans. Let’s start with few words about our next goal the VCAP Exams..

VCAP6 Deployment Exams were released at June 15,2016.
We were a little bit disappointed when realised that there is no Pearson Vue exam center available to pass the exam in Poland.
Moreover there was no center in whole Europe. Initially we thought it’s a bug of the new registration process.
However, after reading the comments of VMware at their Official Blog everything was clear..
Unfortunatelly, at the beggining in the first part of the availability the exam could be passed only in North America.
The pilot of beta exam in US should be finished within 2 weeks. After this time the availability should be extended to Europe.
Well, as VMware recommends we stay tuned and watch their Blog looking for new information.

Since it’s our first post on this blog we would like to start from a series of posts from our jurney of preparation to VCAP6 Exam according to official VMware Blueprint available at: VMware Education Blog
We hope it will help not only us to prepare and of course pass the exam 🙂

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