PowerCLI course

PowerCLI course

I was always keen on getting deeper knowledge about PowerCLI or in other words – start to use it in daily administrative tasks. I decided to do something with it and I think it would be the best way to write my own guide in a form of structured notes and share it here with you. Perhaps someone would find it useful.

Therefore in PowerCLI & VMA tab you could find an agenda of this course which will be systematically updated with next parts.

There are planned fallowing parts:

  1. VMware PowerCLI – Introduction
  2. Useful Tools
  3. Basic commands to generate and export reports
  4. Monitoring VMs with PowerCLI
  5. Managing VMs using PowerCLI
  6. Managing multiple VMs based on their tags
  7. Monitoring ESXi hosts with PowerCLI
  8. Managing ESXi hosts using PowerCLI
  9. Managing virtual networks using PowerCLI
  10. Managing Cluster-wide settings using PowerCLI
  11. Complete ESXi configuration with a single script


If you have any sugestions what else should be included in such course, do not hesitate to contact me via comments.

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