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VCIX6-CMA – another goal achieved

VCIX6-CMA – another goal achieved

It is almost a tradition or habbit for me to share my experience about VMware exmination taken so far.

Well, it happened, I eventually passed the VCAP6-CMA Design exam which together with previos passed VCAP6-CMA Deploy exam gave me VCIX6-CMA tiltle and badge. It looks like this:vmware_milestone_CMA_expert-e1502128382899Nothing special, it was not an easy way to get it, though!

The biggest problem with that IMHO is that it is and old version which is based on vRA 6.X, whilst we currently have 7.3 available since sometime already..

Besides that I experienced a few additional problems with Pearson Vue/ VMware certification engine which made me to take it each exam more than once.  And still it’s version 6 and a few days ago VMware announced new versions of VCAP certs, however that’s only Design ones.

There is nothing more to do right nowe, just prepare for new version 🙂 which as a certification addicted I will for sure try to gain.

P.S. to be honest VCAP6-CMA Design exam was the most tricky one I have ever took so far.


VCP Datacenter 6.5 Beta

VCP Datacenter 6.5 Beta

VMware announced the VCP Datacenter beta exam updated according to new features in vSphere 6.5.

It is expecially valuable for those who need to recertify or who do not have a valid VCP certification. People who already have active VCP6-DCV exam, passing this beta exam will not give any big reward, while even the title is the same. So there won’t be VCP6.5-DCV or so, it’s still VCP6-DCV Certification.

Anyway, as others VMware beta exam it costs only 50$, so it’s worth to consider it if your certification is going to expire soon.

Just keep in mind that beta exams contains far more questions than normal exams 🙂 In this case that’s 150 questions and 180 minutes.

Good luck!

VMware VCP7-CMA exam

VMware VCP7-CMA exam

A few months ago in this post I wrote about a new VMware exam which wasn’t listed in the official exam list in these days. Nevertheless, that was time when I almost finished my lab deployment of vRA and taking into account that the exams in beta phase costs only 50 $, I decided to try myself.

I scheduled the exam at 5 september during at the beginning of my holiday. The exam consisted 180 questions! There was 240 minutes for that – thats whole 4 hours, it’s even longer than VCAPs.. After 2 hours and almost 100 questions I was already exhausted. However I tried to stay focused and finished it. Since that time I didn’t have any update about my results on PearsonVue site I was able to see only the information that the exam was taken, whilst the official non-beta exam was released at 1st December. So technically you were able to take it and get the results immediately, while the Beta-takers still didn’t know if they passed or not 🙂

Yesterday in my mailbox I found the envelope from PearsonVue – it was quite strange for me because I’ve never received any envelope directly from PearsonVue. It was a nice suprise for me when I realized that there is my “summary page” with my results inside. Happily I passed – next goal achived by the end of the 2016 🙂

VCAP6-DCV Design exam experience(s)

VCAP6-DCV Design exam experience(s)

Finally, I’m pround to announce that VCIX6-DCV goal is achived!

Previously I passed the Deploy Exam (you can read about it in this post) which for me personally was far more intuitive and effortless. If you are a practitioner person than visioner and designer it would be quite tought to get used to these kind of questions and reasoning. In my opinion there are a few points which I can not agree with and I would be glad to discuss with the authors of these questions about their points of view 🙂

However, as I read on one of the blogs this is a VMware exam and they could have their own point of view and opinion about best practicies in designing virtual environments.

As you realized I used plural in word experience – it’s not so hard to guess why. Yes, I had to take the exam twice. Nevertheless, I finished the first try quite satisfied and full of hope the reality was brutal. 243 points appeared not to be enought to pass it…That was a food for thoughts.

That made me aware that I need to prepare better and figure out about the key used in design quiestions. It’s not exacly the key but the way of designs constructions. As usually Internet was priceless. First of all I found tips that the exam is similar to VCAP5 version and fallowing this idea I read the VCAP5-DCD Official Cert Guide. This was quite useful. Then I tried to think about the design questions I met and gind out what could be wrong there.

After a few more white papers, blog articles and other readings I took the second try and happily this the reult was much more better and of course I finally managed to pass and gain complete VCIX title.

The few tips from me:

  1. Be fresh and rested at the exam day ( there are 205 minutes, it’s quite a long to sit in front of the screen).
  2. Stay focused and read carefully all the questions and instructions at least twice.
  3. Start from the design questions which would take you a little bit more time.
  4. Be prepared.

Materials I found usefull during preparation time:

  1. VCAP6-Design Blueprint and all associated documents especially those from objective 1.2 and 1.3 should be read more than once
  2. VCAP5-DCD Official Cert Guide
  3. Study Guides of other people
  4. Google+ VCAP-DCD Study Group

I also recommend to get yourself familiar with scoring methodology described at The Cloud JAR’s Blog




VCAP6-DCV Exam Experience

VCAP6-DCV Exam Experience

There are a few such articles on the Internet. I think, read them all some weeks ago while preparing to my own exam.

However, I’d like to share with you my own observations.


Let’s start from the begining -how did I prepare for the exam?

Well, behind the real experience and VCP5/6 done already I went through the VMware blueprint for the exam. Almost every objective was tested in the lab, even it was quite obvious I wanted to review it, especially using Web Client. (yes, unfortunatelly I still prefer the C# client).

There are two helpful study guides written on these blogs:

Thank you guys!

I’ve also went through the Hands on Labs which Kyle recommends:

  • HOL-SDC-1602 – vDS, Content Libraries, Auto Deploy, Host Profiles
  • HOL-SDC-1627 – VSAN, vVOLS, Storage Policies
  • HOL-SDC-1604 – Performance
  • HOL-SDC-1607 – PowerCLI

There are newer verions of these however they are still awailable in the archive.


The next step – day of the exam.

I wasn’t able to take a day off so the exam was started afternoon. If you have a possibility to take day off and allocate it just for the exam I’d recommend doing so. The exam takes 190 minutes + 15 minutes for reading instruction, etc. It’s worth to read it carefully expecially about navigation and possibilities how to copy data inside the VMs. That could safe you some time during doing exercises.

Unfortunatelly I can’t write about the kind of questions you will need to deal with but If you are well prepeared and spent several hours in front of vSphere client it should be so terrible 😉 The biggest enemy on the exam is time. That’s why I recommend to do not loose much time on a question for which you don’t know the answer. It’s better to move on and if there is enought time back to it at the end.

I wish you all who are going to take the exam in near future, good luck.


Mystery VCP7-CMA Beta Exam…

Mystery VCP7-CMA Beta Exam…

Today VMware announced the GA version of two VCAP Deployment exams (it’s high time after 1,5 year of VCP6 on the market..)

The first one – VCAP 6 – Datacenter Virtualization Deployment and VCAP 6 – Network Virtualization Deployment.

That’s mean that all VCAP 6 exams are now available in GA version for everyone. However there is an inconvenience for some countries if you live for example in Poland. Unfortunately there is no Pearson Vue test Center in Poland where you can take the exam..Anyway I believe that VMware/Pearson Vue will change it soon.


But what about the VCP7-CMA ?

It’s a really funny story, because it  you try to find anything about it searching the Internet you will not! There was no announcement on VMware site, any information at VMware Education blog, etc.

So, what exacly am I talking about? Due to my frequent verification of Pearson Vue site to check if the deployment exams are already available I discovered VCP7 exam recently.

As I said, it’s quite strange that there is no information about it but as you can see below it does not seem to be a bug.


The conclusion is simple, it’s high time to start the study of vRA 7.x 🙂


Time for VCAP6-DCV has come!

Time for VCAP6-DCV has come!

It’s high time to start our journey to VCAP 6 Data Center Virtualization Deployment exam!


I saw few blogs with consolidated materials based on VMware Blueprint in the past. These materials covered VCAP5-DCA exam. Unfortunately, there is no such bible to VCAP6-DCV, I’ve just found a blog related to VCAP6-CMA exam. That’s why we as a team agreed to prepare such consolidated material in one place – on our blog. Even though there would be already such idea on the Internet, we would not change our mind. The reason is pretty simple – I believe it will be the best way to study the whole material and prepare ourselves to pass this exam. Furthermore, I hope it will help others as well..

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